Forgiving Zelaya   Leave a comment

Dropping the charges against Zelaya is a political decision that violates the Honduran laws but it seems that there was no alternative. Zelaya’s ouster was correctly ordered by the Supreme Court in response to Zelaya’s violation of the stone articles. However, the military and Zelaya’s political enemies also violated the constitution by sending him into exile and falsifying a letter of resignation. Yet, only Zelaya was punished with his ouster while those on the other side of the conflict were given amnesty. So, the best solution would have been applying the law to both parties. However, it may preferable not to punish anyone than punishing only one side and leaving the other in impunity. The lesson we need to learn is that we need to improve our legal instruments and procedures to avoid this kind of misdeeds in the future. Only the rule of law can bring justice and prevent other crises. As for the Resistencia, I hope they will renounce to their calls for violence and revolution and will insert themselves into the political system as a new and legitimate political party. Our future must not be decided by the leftist Resistencia or the right-wing oligarchy but by the majority of the Honduran people, through free elections. I just hope this will be the end to the political crisis and the beginning of a better democracy.


Posted May 3, 2011 by jrargueta in Uncategorized

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